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Technical Assistance for an Automated Tomorrow

The Small Business Digital Maturity Study by Deloitte found that, only %36 of small businesses nationwide have fully adopted digital tools and technologies. H.O.P empowers small and underrepresented businesses with technical assistance to help them thrive in today's digital age.

Digital Literacy Training

Unlock Your Business Potential with Data-Centric Technical Assistance
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Marketing Automation 

Accelerate Your Scaling Journey with Automated Marketing Solutions

Email/SNS Marketing Automation

Social Media Automation

Workflow Automation

Data Analytics and Reporting Automation

Training & Certifications

"All too often talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not"
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H.O.P has successfully trained and certified over 100 underrepresented/immigrant individuals, with an unwavering commitment to empowering even more. Our dedicated efforts are set to certify an additional 100 individuals by 2024, propelling us towards a future of equitable opportunities.


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